December 5-6, 2023


8:30 - 12:30 HRS. CENTRAL USA & MEXICO CITY, 11:30 - 15:30 HRS. BRAZIL

15.30 - 19:30 HRS. UK & GMT, 16:30– 20:30 HRS. SPAIN


USA-FDA food and dietary supplement labelling compliance updated on mandatory labeling, nutrition labeling, and essential elements in voluntary declarations is the key element for an export successful to the United States. The webinar lays out the requirements for both food and dietary supplements.

Considering the high commercial interaction of Mexico and Latin America with the United States and the opening of new food markets in this country, FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK offers this seminar in coordination with Gisela Leon, consultant specialist in food regulations USA- FDA, Europe and Canada at Kinzer Consult LLC (USA) and others well-known international consulting firms.

Learn USA-FDA food labeling requirements from labeling expert who helped to understand the current regulations, discussed in a casual, interactive learning environment.

What you will learn

  • Understand the FDA food labeling compliance overview and recent changes.
  • Essentials on mandatory labeling elements, nutrition labeling, new requirements, new dietary ingredients and essentials on voluntary label statements.
  • The mutual requirements between the labeling of conventional foods and dietary supplements in the USA-FDA as well as the noticeable differences.
  • The webinar highlights the differences between the requirements of foods and dietary supplement with special emphasis on allergens, nutrition labeling, and adverse events.
  • FDA food labeling compliance regulations to successfully export to USA
  • Refresh and confirm the participants’ existing knowledge yet offer new details to learn.
  • Providing training to food and beverages companies faced with the challenges represented by competitiveness, quality and globalization.

While the printout of the webinar slides is helpful information, for the day-to-day US process of creating compliant US labels, another tool offers better assistance in form of two handbooks that are well-structured and concise. The Food Labeling Handbook and the Dietary Supplement Labeling Handbook are valuable tools that identify the source of the requirements, easily enable deeper studies and help navigating the regulatory requirements for the labeling of conventional foods and dietary supplements quickly and thoroughly. Both can be purchased as an option to the webinar.

Teaching method

This program consists of 8 hours, which will be taught through live virtual presentations in english with spanish simultaneous translation (optional). On the first day, the USA-FDA mandatory labeling elements are discussed. The second day is reserved for voluntary labeling, such as a variety of claims. The webinar explains the subtle requirements for the verbiage of claims. The attendees will be able to interact with the instructor for discussions, Q & A.

Course Content

Chapter I – General provisions and the definition of foods and dietary supplements

          • a.Safety requirements for foods and dietary supplements


Chapter II – Essentials on mandatory labeling elements

          • a.Statement of Identity and the designation of the characterizing flavor
          • b.Net quantity of net contents
          • c. List of ingredients and the declaration of Allergens;
          • d.Name and address of the responsible firm and the contact information for adverse events
          • e.Country of origin
          • f. Nutrition Labeling
            • i.Declaration of nutrients and the determination of the serving size
            • ii.Nutrition Facts for foods including format examples
            • iii.Supplements Facts for dietary supplements including format examples


Chapter III – Essentials on Voluntary label statements

          • a. Nutrient Content Claims including “healthy” and Front of package claims
          • b. Health Claims
          • c. Structure Function Claims
          • d. Other statements
            • i.Bioengineered food disclosure
            • ii.“Natural “ claim
            • iii.“Organic” claim
            • iv.“Gluten-free” claim



Regulatory consultant expert of U.S. FDA, European and Canadian food regulations at Kinzer Consult LLC (USA) and others well-known international consulting firms. Master in Food Science from Technical University of München, Germany. She worked for 21 years in Industry as Director of quality management systems and regulatory affairs. Master of Business Administration from George Mason University, Virginia, USA. Intense consulting experience assists companies since 18 years as labeling consultant for food, dietary supplements in USA. Author of Labeling Handbooks Publications: Food Labeling Handbook 2nd Edition / Dietary Supplement Labeling Handbook.

Fee Includes

**8 hrs. instruction online (on live)
**Optional Simultaneous translation (english -spanish)
***Course Material PDF


Optional :
** The Food Labeling Handbook
Special Price: 95 USD + SHIPPING

**Dietary Supplement Labeling Handbook
Special Price: 95 USD + SHIPPING

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