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“The world around us is changing rapidly, and we are in the midst of a food revolution. Many believe we will see more changes in the food system over the next 10 years than we have over the past several decades. Foods are being reformulated, new foods and new food production methods are being realized, and the food system is becoming increasingly digitized” – U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The New Era of Smarter Food Safety represents a new approach, leveraging technology and other tools to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system. Smarter food safety is about more than just technology. It’s also about simpler, more effective, and modern approaches and processes. It’s about leadership, creativity, and culture.

Analyzing the food safety culture requires a clear effective culture model including management, and balancing the desire for food safety with legitimate concerns about profitability. This specialist coaching program include the FDA model designed by food safety experts, consumers, food industry, technology firms and the FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK´s “Excellent Model” designed by company directors, instructors and food auditors leaders, psychologists and trainers for a New Era of Smarter Food Safety.

Course Content

Chapter I. Tech-Enabled Traceability

a) Introduction-Concepts
b) Assessment and processes
c) Implementation

Chapter II. Tools for Prevention and Outbreak Response

a) Introduction-Concepts
b) Current tools and techniques
c) Risk assessment and processes to reduce causes

Chapter III. New Business Models and Retail Modernization

a) Introduction-Concepts
b) New business models
c) How to adapt

Chapter IV. Food Safety Culture Excellence Model

a) Proactivity: Financial perspective
b) Purpose: Business perspective
c) Processes: Process and systems perspective
d) Personnel: Leadership & Smart Teamworks – Education and learning
e) Implementation & Profitability measures


Fee includes:

  • Coaching and training in English – Spanish -English
  • Diagnosis review
  • Manuals
  • Guides, practices forms and evaluations
  • International Certificate of Completion

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