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July 24, 25 and 26, 2024

Guadalajara, MEXICO

TIME (July 24-25): 8:30 - 17:00 HRS. CENTRAL USA & MEXICO CITY

TIME (July 26): 8:00 - 14:00 HRS. CENTRAL USA & MEXICO CITY


The “BETTER PROCESS CONTROL SCHOOL”- workshop FDA recognized based on the Consumer Brands Association (GMA-U.S Grocery Manufacturers Association) textbook, Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification and Container Closure Evaluation (8th edition) the retort supervisor and process control school fulfils FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and USDA (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE) training requirements for acidification, thermal processing and container closure evaluation operations during the canning of low-acid or acidified foods: FDA-21 CFR Part 108.35 |FDA-21 CFR Part 113.10 | FDA 21 CFR Part 108.25 | FDA 21 CFR Part 114.10).

Attendees will also gain an overview and insight into the responsibilities and requirements for food manufacturers processing cans, bottles, pouches and semi rigid containers for commercial sale.

FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (FSIN) more than 20 years of experience in coordinate the BPCS´s teaching program with universities and research centers in the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. FSIN in conjunction with Felix Barron & Associates LLC (South Caroline, USA) provide this top instruction program face to face by knowledgeable instructor Dr. Felix Barron, Ph.D. FDA Processing Authority.

Who Should Attend

The course is an excellent platform to improve thermal processing knowledge for food safety and quality assurance personnel, individuals who work with rigid and flexible packaged food products, academics, auditors and inspectors in food processing.

Teaching method

The course consists of 24 hours (2.5 days) which includes theoretical sessions and practical exercises according to the BPCS-FDA recognized programme. The sessions will be in the classroom with the personalized advice of Dr. Felix Barron. This programme consists of eleven chapters from textbook, Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification and Container Closure Evaluation (8th edition) in Spanish and additional printed material. The attendees who successfully complete will obtain a FDA recognized certificate.

Course Content

I – Introduction
II – Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods
III – Acidified Food Principles
IV – Thermal Processing Principles
V – Food Plant Sanitation
VI – Food Container Handling
VII- Records & recordkeeping
VIII – Equipment & Operations
XV- Closures for Double Seamed Metal
XVI – Closures for Glass Containers
XVII – Flexible and Semirigid Containers



Graduated with a Ph.D. in Food Science and engineering from Michigan State University, an MS in Food Science and Engineering from Washington State University, an MS in the Science of Nutrition and Food Technology from the Italian National Institute of Nutrition, University of Rome, Italy and Food engineering from the University of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico.

  • 2018 – Present. Food Bio-Processing Consulting Scientist Engineer “Felix Barron & Associates LLC” Owner and Founder. Thermal processing specialist & FDA/USDA Thermal processing authority Better Process Control FDA Educator and Instructor. Specialist in developing food processing systems and products that are thermally processed and packaged to comply with FDA, USDA and state food laws and regulations.
  • FDA Processing Authority
  • Expert in the science and engineering of Food Safety, Processing and Packaging, assisting food companies to develop and implement Food safety plans.
  • Expertise is delivering educational CERTIFICATION workshops in food processing and packaging, sanctioned by FDA and USDA. Educational training for food industry personnel at all levels: from production workers to managers.
  • Practical expertise in SANITATION of facilities and equipment.
  • Developed industry teaching materials for HACCP and Sanitation workshops
  • Participation in translation and edition in spanish for the book: “ALIMENTOS ENLATADOS: Principios del Proceso Térmico, Acidificación y Evaluación del Cierre de los Envases”- (8oth.Edition).Text authorized by FDA for BETTER PROCESS CONTROL SCHOOL program.
  • Advanced Sterilization Engineering workshop for aspiring Food Processing Authorities interested in developing Commercial Process Schedules.
  • Developing and implementing Risk Analysis applicable to the food industry , Biological and Life Sciences industry in general.
  • Experience in Auditing for Food Safety

Fee Includes

  • 24 hrs. instruction
  • Textbook Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification, and Container Closure Evaluation, 8th Edition 2021 (Spanish)
  • Exams, manual and material
  • Lunch
  • Coffee Break
  • FDA recognized certificate

Program Price

1,499 USD + TAX %16 IVA | 50% off with MEMBERSHIP FSIN 2022-23 $749.50 USD + 16% IVA

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