Workshop Online
Validation and Process Calculations

November 8-9, 2022

8:00 – 12:00 hrs. Central Time & Mexico City | 10:00 – 14:00 hrs. Brazil
15:00 – 19:00 hrs. Spain | 13:00 – 17:00 hrs. GMT

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This online workshop aims to provide a clear overview of the essentials of thermal processing with a focus on food-safety. The sessions offer a technical overview and practical advice for those involved with the development, monitoring and validation of an ‘in-pack’ thermal process using a retort. The focus is on the critical aspects for the safe thermal processing of food and beverages, where products are heated ‘in-pack’, i.e. in their final packaging.

Upon completed this interactive workshop, attendees will feel they understand the theory of thermal processing, are confident in the practical steps for validation and understand how calculations can be used to link process data with microbiological reduction. Ideal for those aspiring to become thermal process authorities to help ensure their companies are safe and compliant around thermal processing.

This workshop aims to empower attendees to be able to make key thermal process related judgements, giving them the confidence to investigate the optimization opportunities for their products by understanding the risks involved as well as the potential benefits.

This two-days online course offers insight into the different optimization approaches, giving practical advice as to how one might start to implement them in their business. It is aimed at those who have a fundamental understanding of thermal processing and are looking to expand their knowledge. Suitable roles could be:

  • Thermal process technicians/managers
  • Technical managers
  • Process technologists
  • Quality/Foods safety team members who have a specific interest in thermal processing
  • Process engineers

FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK provides this workshop through live virtual instruction by knowledgeable thermal process instructors experts with extensive industry experience from CAMPDEN BRI (Gloucestershire UK), science and technology center for the food and drink industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Thermal microbiology overview
  • Calculating lethality for sterilization processes (F0)
  • Thermal process validation including worse case conditions, practical considerations and data analysis
  • Principles of retort operations
  • Process deviations & troubleshooting
  • Chapter I – Introduction to heat preserved foods
  • Chapter II – Thermal microbiology (Part 1- pathogens & spoilage)
  • Chapter III – Thermal microbiology (Part 2- Derivation of F0)
  • Chapter IV – Thermal process calculations
  • Chapter V – Thermal process validation measurements
  • Chapter VI – Retorts, Cookers & Pasteurizers
  • Chapter VII – Process Deviations (with case studies)
  • Chapter VIII – Containers handling & preparation procedures
  • Chapter IX – Further validation & data analysis

Fee includes:

  • Theory and practical instruction (on live)
  • Simultaneous translation (English -Spanish) *Optional
  • Digital course material
  • International Certificate of Completion


Program Price

650 USD + TAX %16 IVA | 50% off with our MEMBERSHIP FSIN 2022-23 $315 USD + 16% IVA

Early Bird Price (15% Off)

  • $535 USD +TAX 16% IVA (before October 20)

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