The aftermath of Covid-19 health emergency has entailed some implications in personal, social, and economic grounds. Such implications have affected industries and companies all over the world. At FOOD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (FSIN) we have taken that time off to watch and value what professionals’ needs are before an unprecedented environment.

We asked ourselves, what the major challenge was?

Our focus was set in four words – awareness, strategy, flexibility and resilience; so, we worked on it! We strived to make education and training readily available for you to carry on developing professionally and personally. Then we asked ourselves how to do it and, through the unconditional support that has kept us closely linked to our staff, colleagues and friends; the idea of adapting our educational services into a platform allowing us fulfilling our main goal and mission established over 25 years ago, was strengthened: To provide technical solutions to food safety and quality professionals throughout training, consulting and assessment services that contribute to a responsible food consumption in different globe ́s regions. This is how E-FOOD LEARNING ACADEMY (virtual specialized educational platform) was created with the purpose to promote and spread knowledge, updating and training to respond to the current needs of professionals associated to the food and beverage sector. This is a major achievement that goes beyond language barriers responding to a globalization and support need allowing us sharing knowledge.

Here you will find advanced certification courses, workshops, and webinars as well as open meetings and events that may be translated simultaneously into more than 50 languages, supporting material and resources such as case studies, blogs, and e-books amongst others.

Thank you for waiting and for being so supportive of what FSIN does for you!!


Board of Directors.