The Frozen Food Startup Innovating Subscription Meal Delivery In The Time Of Coronavirus | Forbes

The pandemic is causing people all over the world to look at their freezers with newfound appreciation. Government mandated coronavirus lockdowns have millions of households stocking up for extended home stays – and a large supply of non-perishable but nutritious food suddenly feels as essential as abundant heating oil in the dead of winter. That rush to hoard has been a jolt for Rachel Drori’s Daily Harvest, a subscription-based healthy food startup which sells frozen smoothies and veggie bowls. When the crisis started in the U.S. three weeks ago, the 37-year-old CEO began doubling up on inventory and has since appealed to her network of 400 farming suppliers to keep produce flowing to Daily Harvest kitchens. Sure enough, as more and more states began mandating residents stay home to avoid spreading the virus, sales have surged. Her strategy is to make it super easy for a generation too busy, too tired or too quarantined to prepare their own meals. Even before the coronavirus hit, Millennials hated to cook. According to a 2017 USDA report, Americans aged 25 to 40 spend 55 minutes less per week, on average, cooking and washing-up than Gen X adults. Now with restaurants shut down – and even take-out becoming limited – those millennials are going to have to learn to fend for themselves – or face weeks upon weeks of frozen pizza.